"The road shadowing the long, tapering finger of the Hook Peninsula is signposted as the ring of hook coastal drive. Around every other bend is a quiet beach, a crumbling fortress, a stately abbey or a seafood restaurant, and the world's oldest working lighthouse is flung out at its tip"

Heritage on the Hook Peninsula

The Hook Peninsula boasts heritage dating from every important period in Ireland's fascinating History. from monastic times, through the Normans and the Knights Templar and onwards throughout the years to the modern era. The centuries have left their mark on the landscape in the most picturesque and aesthetic of manners. From the majestic beauty of Tintern Abbey, to the 12th Century, Dunbrody Abbey, one of the finest examples of a Cisterclan Monastery in Ireland and on to, perhaps the most famous piece of architecture of it's era, the Hook Lighthouse, you will find a rich tapestry of Irish history wherever you turn when visiting this magical part of the world.

Adventure on the Hook Peninsula

From the adventurous and challenging to the refreshing and reinvigorating, the Hook peninsula offers a myriad of new experiences for all ages and tastes. Cut through the ocean waves for a day's kite surfing or go kayaking through forgiving tides. Scuba diving in the depths around the famous Lighthouse or lose yourself, rod in hand in remote bays in search of hard fighting silver sea bass. Test your mettle quad biking, rock climbing or abseiling from rugged ancient cliffs or cycle at your leisure through scenery that will leave you breathless.

Coast Life on the Hook Peninsula

Explore the winding trails atop Hook Head's 30 metre cliffs to witness the heart stopping plunge of the Peregrine falcon, the precarious ledge hopping antics of the red billed Chough or the lazy curiosity of grey seals as they bask at their waterside rests. In Ireland's sunniest clime you will find wind scattered sprays of pink hemp agrimonies and swathes of the ink blue sea lavenders growing wild along paths that are a focal point for Ireland's whale watchers. Hook's waters are populated with and abundance of cetaceans and regular sights include spray shooting humpback whales and the magnificent head-over-tall manoeuvres of its mighty cousin, the great fin whale, the second largest mammal on the planet.

Beaches on the Hook Peninsula

Ireland's best kept secret is the Hook Head's golden expanses of 14 beaches. Seek out your own tiny hidden cove cosseted beneath lofty ragged cliffs of limestone and red sandstone or walk the wide open unspoilt strand stretches flanked by ruined fortresses castles and ancient historical churches. Witness the amazing annual transformation of Duncannon beach from smooth sandy surfaces to a world class gallery exhibiting sand sculptures created by home grown and International hands.

Fine Foods on the Hook Peninsula

The Hook Peninsula is proud to be home to the Dunbrody Country House Hotel, three times awarded Restaurant of the Year, and Aldridge Lodge, Wexford's Best Restaurant 2013 and holder of the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand since 2007.
The Peninsula is dotted with award winning Restaurants, gastro pubs and traditional hostelries, renowned for mouth wateringly fresh local fish and sea food harvested daily from the Hook waters. Our restaurants' menus also offer generous cuts of wholesome grass fed Irish beef, rosemary rubbed spring lamb, local lobster to melt in your mouth and servings of crisp organic locally grown produce.

Pubs on the hook Peninsula

The pubs, taverns and bars on the peninsula - whether three hundred years established or three years young - bring you the best of what you can expect from traditional Irish pub - cosy fireside chairs, local histories and friendly local patrons, perched on a bar stool, always witty and eager to advise. Hook Head pubs exude the personalised and friendly service you can only get from family run establishments handed down and honed to perfect hospitality over generations.